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Happy Auntie’s Day

In the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day earlier than our US cousins – it’s the fourth Sunday in Lent for us. However, seeing as it’s Mother’s Day today in the USA, I thought I’d share something I wrote on the subject after it arrived here on 30th March, 2014.

Mother’s Day isn’t the easiest of days for many people and I fall into that category, having longed to have children, and more recently, losing my own mother two years ago. This isn’t a sob story though, no, it’s the opposite!

When I got to my sister’s house on Mother’s Day for a family get together I was greeted with a hug and the salutation, ‘Happy Auntie’s Day!’ from my niece Estella.

She placed something in my hand, declaring it an Auntie’s Day present. What was happening? Auntie’s Day? What a rare honour. Seriously, how many aunties get an Auntie’s Day present?

I knew exactly what it was before I opened the little bag, which had come from Lush. I was immediately reminded of my recent visit to the store in Windsor with Estella when she’d stayed with me for the weekend not so long back. We had been giggling at and adoring the cute little bunny bath bars there. This present wasn’t just something she knew I would love, it was the celebration of a shared memory of an auntie and a niece together in Windsor.

I opened the bag to reveal the bunny bath bar, white with little purple eyes and a yellow bob tail. Estella’s dress had purple and yellow in it, matching the bunny, so I took a photo and uploaded it onto Instagram.

I was left with a dilemma: Should I use the bunny bath bar in one resplendent, luxurious, fragrant, decadent, bath experience or should I keep the bunny bath bar because it is simply too precious to use? Then it became obvious. I would have that bath and celebrate the gift and the blessing and the honour of being an auntie.

I think we should make Auntie’s Day official. So, for all the aunties out there: Happy Auntie’s Day!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Auntie’s Day”

  1. This article is fantastic Rosie. I am sorry that a day like Mother’s Day is difficult. It has it’s difficulties with me too. Being adopted, I always wonder about my birth mother on Mother’s Day. Just to even say thank you to her. As for Aunties Day, I am sure you are one of the best! Anyone would be lucky to have you as an Auntie! Have a wonderful day Rosie! You are an inspiration.

    1. Aw, thanks for sharing about your struggles too on this day and thank you for your kind comments. I consider myself outrageously blessed to be an auntie five times over to my amazing nephews and niece. God bless you :-)

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