4 thoughts on “Spiced Egg and (Stinging) Nettle Noodles”

  1. I found this to be a wonderfully entertainng item; and I hope you go on to produce many more such recipes ( which, I must admit, I find just a little bit masochistic ! )
    It was infinitely better than all those cooking programs seen on TV, and delightfully full of sheer fun – in short, a tonic ! Which leads me to suggest a whole series of such presentations, involving herbs and drinks, enlivened by glorious laughter in place of that well-known ‘here’s one I did earlier’ routine !!

  2. I can remember eating boiled stinging nettles when I was very little (I’m old now) and remember them as very bitter. Great video, but I do worry about you!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Catherine,

      These nettles were really nice, kind of like spinach – maybe it’s time for you to try them again?

      Thank you for your comments and please don’t worry about me!

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