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Cine From the Archives – Los Angeles 91

I happened to have my camcorder with me recently when I dropped in to see my sister Rachel and family. My bro in law Gary was playing old cine film from years ago.

He loaded up a reel which he filmed when he and Rachel visited me in Los Angeles in the Fall of 1991. I was living out there at the time and on a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

I grabbed my camcorder and recorded the footage as it played.

There’s something about cine. It seems to instantly age any footage filmed and propel it into the category ‘timeless’.

The video captures moments of their visit to Southern California and includes footage taken when my DTS went to South Central.

It reminds me of a time when things were simpler, God was easier to find and the sun was guaranteed to shine. Very happy memories.

Those of you who were there, yes,  that is Jonathan and Kay Charlotte doing the American Slide and jumping around in the middle of Compton.

Gary always accompanied this film with U2′s Hollywood mix of their 1988 song Desire – the two really fit together.

I love the scratches on the film. No After Effects plugin needed there.

I’ve edited U2′s Hollywood mix to fit it with the length of the cine film – just officially saying that in an effort to be transparent about all things copyright related.

Rosaleen Donnan

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4 thoughts on “Cine From the Archives – Los Angeles 91”

  1. Cool Video…. takes me back to a special time.
    Later too, to Northolt Road, and turning the front room into an installation of cine, video, multiple TVs, hand drawn film loops… music, and friends…

    Thanks, Rose
    (now where’s my splice machine?)

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