Oranges are not the Only French Resistance Fighters

Well, I’m still aiming for my goal of three creative projects a week. So, on that note I thought I’d share an exercise Jacqui gave us at our writing group this week.

She presented us with two trays of fruit (see featured image)  and asked us to spend 15 minutes putting them into a situation and telling us a little bit about them.

For reasons which remain unknown to me (psychoanalysis welcome) I saw them as WWII French Resistance fighters. Here’s what I wrote:

Location: WWII A French Resistance Meeting Room, undisclosed village 22Km South of Paris.

The Plums were excitable things – always the first to volunteer in any mission.

Mango, unit Commander, a man of great intellect and stature, found the Plums tiring but Melon, life long friend of Mango, plot maker extraordinaire, vineyard owner, cheese connoisseur and second in command drew inspiration from the Plums’ enthusiasm and energy.

Banana was good at lying in wait. Actually he was good at lying down and good at lying in general for that matter. He could tell a bare faced lie to any Nazi and have them running off in the wrong direction only to  catch them later as he lay in wait, horizontally.

Pear, master of disguise, one minute unripe and the next, giving the appearance of being past his best, he could change to suit the environment.

The Apples knew how to speak various different dialects of ‘Apple’ and could infiltrate different situations, posing as Apples from other regions.

Orange held everyone together. Main strengths: encouragement, accompanying any other fruit and bring out that fruit’s best qualities. Also Orange was very good on his own. Or with ice. Literally. Orange’s ability to withstand extreme environments gave the team the ability to carry out missions at any time of year.

Rosaleen Donnan

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