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Lest We Forget

The Tower of London has seen over four million visitors during its amazing Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red installation of 888,246 poppies, commemorating one hundred years since Britain became involved in the First World War. One poppy for each British life lost. I had the privilege of visiting the Tower during this exhibit.

It was very busy and very moving. Part of what made it moving was the sheer number of people who crammed around to see, and the reverence they showed.

And then the 888,246 poppies. How do you count that? How do you get your head around that? A sea of red. A sea of blood. A sea of sacrifice.

Below are some images I captured (click to enlarge).


Planting poppies

Crowds as poppies spill


Our forces survey

The Tower and the poppies

Beefeater among the poppies

Lest we forget

© Rosaleen Donnan

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2 thoughts on “Lest We Forget”

  1. Great photos. I love the Poppy’s. I found you by accident when googling my daughter’s name ‘Poppy Donnan’. I don’t think there are many of us Donnans around!

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