50 songs in 50 weeks – and I have no voice!

Okay, this is awkward. The good news is I wrote a song, these last few days. The bad news is I now have a second sore throat, having just got over a nasty virus I picked up a few weeks ago. This has all unfortunately rendered my voice a kind of comedy squeak, with intermittent coughing fits. The horror is I’m at the start of my 50 songs in 50 weeks challenge and my first song is due up online tonight and I have no voice to sing it!

I genuinely can’t believe it. This leads me to ask the following questions:

1. Can I postpone this challenge for one week or would that be cheating?

2. What do I do if I lose my voice again during the 50 weeks?

My answers:

1. Yes I can, and it is not cheating, it’s a postponement of a commencement due to technical issues. I’ll just have to change the start date of this challenge to this coming week, the week of April 11th.

2. I’d better blooming well have one or two simple little instrumental ditties written which I can play in the event that I succumb to another episode of sore throat and missing voice.

My sincere apologies for this postponement, but watch out world, this coming week shall see the start of 50 songs in 50 weeks!

(Cough, cough, squeak. Dang.)



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